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About Me

My osteopathic journey began in Surrey, practicing in a private clinic specialising in plantar fasciitis and complaints of the feet and ankles. Alongside this I was the sole osteopath in a busy GP clinic.  This exposed me to all manner of patients, in both chronic and acute pain, varying from people on waiting lists for joint replacements to plumbers with painful shoulders due to the nature of their work. 

At that time I was also a keen badminton player and a member of the local rackets club.  I would treat fellow members from my clinic within the club, helping people with their sporting injuries, new and longstanding, getting them back to the games they loved, playing at their optimum level.

During this period, my study of cranial and visceral osteopathy as part of my "continued professional development" and natural curiosity, led me to seek out an environment where I could hone my new skills. I wanted to practice cranial and visceral osteopathy alongside other osteopaths with experience of these techniques.


A busy, long established clinic in Wimbledon was where I settled professionally and spent many years of my career.  Specialist treatment of pregnant women on their journey to motherhood, mothers, babies and children following difficult births, colic and post-pregnancy pain, were all familiar presentations in the clinic.  Young aspiring tennis players, as well as hard working professionals, ground down with life in the city were also regular attendees at this practice. There was a treatment approach for everyone. That's the joy of holistic healthcare. 

Due to relocation back to Kent in 2011, and the subsequent resistance to a long commute from Folkestone to Wimbledon, I was led to become part of a thriving multi-disciplinary practice in Deal.  I was practicing alongside physiotherapists and other experienced osteopaths, treating both private and NHS patients.  My exposure to patients in chronic pain increased hugely in this time and my own personal journey began to evolve into a more in depth exploration into the mind-body connection.  


The use of functional MRIs has changed the way we understand pain in a dramatic way. This fascinated me.  With these new scientific insights coming to light,  I began to enquire more deeply into the nature of our pain, the effects of trauma on the body, and ways we can break the cycle of chronic pain. 

Cranial and visceral osteopathy have played a large part in this exploration, as well as breath work, meditation, sound therapy, personal enquiry and of course, movement, yoga and dance. 

In 2011, I set up a private practice once again, this time in Kent, in a humble studio on the Old High Street in Folkestone. This has given me more freedom to explore these new discoveries, without time constraints, and my practice remains here today.

An osteopathic principle laid down by A.T. Still, the founder of osteopathy, states that 'the body has the inherent ability to heal itself'.  It's true, we are fully equipped! Yet sometimes, we get stuck and need the help of others to release our patterns, be they postural, post-surgical or thoughts and beliefs we hold.

Within consultation and treatment we will look to uncover these core issues in an holistic way beginning the journey toward heath and wellness once again.

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