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Initial Consultation & Treatment

Classical Osteopathy - Adult - 1 hour (approx.)

  • 1 h
  • 65 British pounds

Service Description

This traditional form of Osteopathy emphasises a comprehensive understanding of the bodies anatomy, physiology and the bodies inherent ability to heal itself. I focus on treating the whole body rather than just addressing specific systems or ailments, believing that all body systems are interconnected and that imbalances or dysfunctions in one area can affect the entire organism. A key aspect of Classical Osteopathy is the use of manual techniques to restore balance and proper function to the bodies structure, thus facilitating the healing process. These techniques include but are not limited to manipulation, mobilisation, and soft tissue work, applied with an understanding of the body’s intricate relationships and dynamics. Classical Osteopathy places a strong emphasis on the importance of body mechanics and how structural integrity is crucial for optimal health. I dedicate significant time to each patient, employing an holistic assessment to identify the root cause of dysfunction and tailor treatments that address the individuals unique needs. Classical Osteopathy seeks to promote health and wellness through the restoration of balance and harmony within the body. For a more detailed information about your initial consultation, please see "Your first visit".

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